The Vast Relief, a novel about the long-time effects of old wars

You may not remember but long before 9/11, and long before Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and a score of sub-Sahara nations became never-ending cruel battlegrounds, other regional wars and local conflicts were terrorizing the world.  In The Vast Relief, in the end there is no escape from one of these genocidal conflicts. An American investigator while searching for answers to other questions in the deserts of the Southwest meets head on with the cruelty of a past European civil war and learns about its victims, many of them female.  With the help of his unorthodox federal team he goes after a suspected war criminal-in-hiding in New Mexico and has to deal with senseless cruelty before the suspect can be even touched.

The Vast Relief is a history lesson and a love story as well. The investigation leads from Texas to New Mexico; from Washington D.C. to Paris, France; from Mexico City to The Hague, the Netherlands; as well as to “old” Havana, Cuba of the 1990s.