Home at last (ABIQUIU, NEW MEXICO)

Found me a new home in a
Yet in an unknown place
Stunningly empty like the
Corner of a planet light-years
Away from home.

Surrounded by landscape
From a storybook I now
Live in the scenery from
Countless Westerns with
America Deserta my
Natural décor.

Where I have made my new
Home I find the past truly
Accessible as a present
Fact. Makes me feel like a
Discoverer seeing the land
For the first time.

So, travel no longer makes
Sense, road trips lose their
Attraction, for no sooner have I
Left home then I want to get
Back. A fantasy prepared me

For the reality of
Spending my life in an
Anasazi and Pueblo and
Hispanic galaxy light-years
Away from home. I found
My black hole, I stepped
Into my soul.