Matt Regier

Matthew Regier grew up on a farm in central Nebraska.  In 2009, he and his wife, Tia, moved from California back to the plains.  They now live outside of Peabody, Kansas raising vegetables and animals and working to restore a century-old farm house.  While in his formal education he has mostly pursued other subjects, his interest in visual art has always been an integral part of his identity, another lens through which to understand the world. 

Says Matt Regier: “The pieces in this show are landscapes of a mostly traditional sort, inspired in part by the regionalists and the prairie printmakers of the early twentieth century.  The intent of these works is rather straightforward: to invoke something of the place each piece reflects and to inspire affection for that place.  The art of landscape is a kind of reciprocal seeing.  To represent the place in an image requires faithful observation. So also, the image as an act of interpretation encourages the viewer to return to the place with heightened observation.  Any affection inspired by the image is then reflected out again to the place; and in the affection for place is, as Wendell Berry writes, “the possibility of a neighborly, kind, and conserving economy.”