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Portraits of Portugal

No Ice (08-2016)
One Percent (09-2016)
The Shadiest Place (10-2016)
Because the train stopped here (11-2016)
The joy of a yawning sense of sadness (12-2016)
Driving without “ze scum-drill” (03-2017)
No fake glitter, neither old nor new (04-2017)
Blindness and Seeing (05-2017)
Catching Up (05-2017)
Matchboxes galore (09-2017)
Liquid stone, smooth as velvet (11-2017)
Hail to the chef (12-2017)
• A street called ‘Emancipation’ (02-2018)
• Proof is what we need (02-2018)
After Hell and Purgatory, Paradise (05-2018)
• Back in time (06-2018) 
• About walls (07-2018)
Borderline (07-2018)

Blogs geschreven voor Portugal Portal
(een wekelijks verschijnende nieuwsbrief geredigeerd door Winy Schalke)

Prairie Crabs
(mostly about life in contemporary America)

Time and travel and a little sex (01-2015)
Where 1 is less than zero (02-2015)
An embarrassing, unsustainable farce (03-2015)
The new N-word and Bubba-ville (03-2015)
Impecunious Creativity is Money in the Bank (06-07-2015)
Illusions of an Urban Utopia (12-2015)
To the Land of the Laziest Pigeons in the World (02-2016)

Artists’ profiles
(written or edited, 2010-2016)

Dale Hartley – Life Spirit’s Echoes
Lisa Grossman – The Land of Sky – Lines of Sight
• Curtis Jones -‘ Boxes of Soap’
• Les Brandt – Wood turner
Don Wolfe – The Key Element
• Matt Regier
Laura Berman – Ex Astris
Lee Shiney – Round and Round
• Gerco de Ruijter – Visions of Earth
• Stephen Perry – Etchings, linocuts, relief prints
Richard Kooyman – Where Poetry Resides
Judy van Heyst meets Jim Bass – Connections
Anna Patricia Keller – Prairie’s Edge
Dave Leiker – The Working Landscape
Michael Edge & Toshi Miki – Separate Ways Together
Gretchen & Gary Gackstatter – Sublime Stone and Sky
Zak Barnes – The Rhythm of My Days
Elaine Shea Jones –This Beautiful Place Called Home
Bill McBride – Focusing on the Forms of Nature
Julie Wagner – Earth Song
Ann Resnick – The Richness of Life
Mariana Escribano – Breaking Down ‘Home’
Hilary Lorenz – In the Spirit
April Flanders – Advance
Shin-hee Chin – Emergence
• Eric and Erin Dodson – ‘Proximal Topologies’
• Bengt Erikson – ‘The Tiniest Moves’

Creative Creatures
(portraits of some of the fascinating people encountered)

Annie Wilson, poet, musician; Elmdale, Kansas (05-2012)
Karel Delfos, painter, watercolorist; Rijswijk, the Netherlands (05-2012)
Chris Sievernich, film producer; Hollywood Hills, California (05-2012)
Pleun Vos, graphic designer; Antwerp, Belgium (06-2012)
Elaine Shea Jones, photographer, environmentalist; Matfield Green, Kansas (06-2012)
Brian Bondy, multimedia artist; Abiquiu, New Mexico (07-2012)
Bill McBride, sculptor, architect, naturalist; Matfield Green, Kansas (07-2012)
Elizabeth Ayres, author, poet, creative writing teacher; California, Maryland (08-2012)
Claudia & Andrew Sadler, ships carpenters; Groningen, the Netherlands (08-2012)
Dr Madeline Williamson, music festival director, pianist; Abiquiu, New Mexico (08-2012)
Mary Lance, filmmaker; Corrales, New Mexico (10-2012)
William Least Heat-Moon, author; Columbia, Missouri (10-2012)
Anna Patricia Keller, painter; Santa Fe, New Mexico (11-2012)
Marcel Vroom, industrial designer; Rotterdam, the Netherlands (11-2012)
Les Brandt, wood turner; Huntsville, Arkansas (12-2012)
Tania Witte, novelist, journalist, performance artist; Berlin, Germany (11-2012)
Ron Guijs, chef de cuisine; Ambroseli, Kenya (12-2012)
Godfried Konings, graphic designer; Santa Fe, New Mexico (01-2013)
Lisa Grossman, painter, printmaker; Lawrence, Kansas (02-2013)
Joke Mammen, historian, curator, librarian; Amsterdam, the Netherlands (01-2013)
Ajay Revels, design researcher; New York City, New York (12-2012)
Susan Martin, PR and marketing, Los Angeles, California / Abiquiu, New Mexico (03-2013)
Zak Barnes, painter; Lawrence, Kansas (04-2013)
Anne Ausloos, earth artist; Antwerp, Belgium (04-2013)
Dave Leiker, photographer; Emporia, Kansas (04-2013)
Gerard Verdijk, painter, sculptor; Marcillac-St.Quentin, France (04-2013)
Kate Kopischke, peacemaker; Salt Lake City, Utah (04-2013)
Risk Hazekamp, visual artist; Berlin, Germany (04-2013)
Hendrik van Leeuwen, painter, photographer, writer; The Hague, the Netherlands (05-2013)
Kelly Barth, author; Lawrence, Kansas (05-2013)
Julie Wagner, painter, sculptor, printmaker, bookmaker; El Rito, New Mexico (07-2013)
Dr Jim Hoy, historian, educator, writer, rancher; Emporia, Kansas (08-2013)
Janine Benyus, scientist, lecturer, writer; Stevensville, Montana (08-2013)
Dr Ben Daitz, academician, GP, musician, filmmaker, novelist; Albuquerque, New Mexico (08-2013)
Mizja Haak, graphic designer, color manager; Rijswijk, the Netherlands (08-2013)
Gary Gackstatter, composer, conductor, performer, visual artist; St. Louis, Missouri (08-2013)
Gerco de Ruijter, kite photographer; Rotterdam, the Netherlands (08-2013)
Dr Wes Jackson, biologist, botanist, geneticist; Salina, Kansas (09-2013)
Toshi Miki & Mike Edge; Monroe, Connecticut (09-2013)
Jeroen van Westen, land architect, earth artist; Heeten, the Netherlands (08-2013)
Carole Brown, musician, hermit; somewhere in the Flint Hills, Kansas (10-2013)
Dr Elisabeth Holland, climate change scientist; Tuva, Fiji (12-2013)
Cindy Hoedel, journalist; Matfield Green, Kansas (02-2014)
Johannes Sveinsson Kjarval, visual artist; Reykjavik, Iceland (03-2014)
William & Anais Yaeger, dreamers, humanitarians; Cottonwood Falls, Kansas (02-2014)
Beth Ferguson, painter; Youngsville, New Mexico (02-2014)
Maya Rispens, linguist; Voorburg, the Netherlands (02-2014)
Terence Sellers, author, dominatrix; New York City, New York / Abiquiu, New Mexico (03-2014)
Ton Haak, émigré; Matfield Green, Kansas (06-2014)

(tales of life in Kansas)

The deadliest woman of the west (02-2010)
Ridin’ on the knob of the North Pole (04-2010)
Splendor in the grass (04-2010)
The verve of nerve (06-2010)
The urge and the lurch (06-2010)
Boundless skies, strong roots (07-2010)
A brooding immensity (09-2010)
Carry a Nation (09-2010)
She’s comin’ around the mountain (11-2010)
They say that heaven is a free range (12-2010)
Nomads of conscience (12-2010)
Two great services to mankind (01-2011)
Feeding the fires of revolution (01-2011)
Shifting shadows (03-2011)
On the road again (04-2011)
The pursuit of happiness (06-2011)
Dixie it ain’t (07-2011)
Thinking big (08-2011)
Tough on dirt (09-2011)
A preface, halfway (10-2011)
On the bright side of the dreamscape (10-2011)
Prairie Hermitage (11-2011)
A city of the plain (12-2011)
New shades of green (01-2012)
A sense of purpose (01-2012)
This bloody creek (04-2012)
With a song in my heart (04-2012)



• I got the hell out of Dodge – Memories are made of this – Notes about America (2017)

Tribute to a singular man – Godfried Konings, graphic designer (1964-2016) (2017)

Ap Gewald neemt afscheid van zijn museum


• Lieve Mensen Brieven (100 extensive ‘letters to friends’, 1994-2009) [in Dutch]

Stars & Stripes Forever – Reisbelevenissen 1 to 8 (1998-2000) [in Dutch]

Published in ‘Amerika’ Magazine (in Dutch):
Ideale musea, Campari soda en James Dean
Hoofdstad van de 21ste eeuw
Va va voom in Houston, Texas
• Huifkarren over de heuvelrug
Ni modo langs de Mexicaanse grens
Moord in Matfield Green
Een van die plekken
ET en Marta Becket
• Skinwalker
• Tekens aan de wand

Poetry books

• Whims and Whispers, Pouts and Shouts (2001)
• Abitare Abiquiu. Backtracking, sidestepping, cutting across Northern New Mexico (2000-2002)

Selected poems:
Home at last
Under the volcano
Badlands (I) (II) (III) and (IV)


• De Geschiedenislerares (1998-1999) [in Dutch]
• The Vast Relief. A Few Nasty Wars Ago (1997-1998-2017)
• The Fickle Finger of Fate (2017)

Artist books, catalogues

• Desert Passage (2009) [with Anne Ausloos, Gerco de Ruijter, Jeroen van Westen]

• Waterkader (2000) [for Jeroen van Westen, in Dutch]

• Point of Departure. Guide book to an augmented reality prairie/art tour in Chase County, Kansas [with Jeroen van Westen]
Selected pages

• Karel Delfos (1994) [contribution, in Dutch]

• The Black Cat Territory. Fictions and frictions of inhabited space (2016-2017) [translations Dutch-English for Sarah Westphal art project/catalogue]

Original screenplays
(motion picture drama, 1998-2000)

• The Foolish and the Fast
• Rio Grande Tramway
• Little Versailles
• Standards of Proof
• Unholy Matrimony
• Tears Never Get You Nowhere
• Rumor Has It
• Three Pretty Women
• Timber Point

Adapted screenplays

• The Vast Relief [based on Ton Haak, ‘The Vast Relief. A Few Nasty Wars Ago’] (1997-1998-2017)
• Let’s Destroy Berlin [based on Maarten Cieremans, ‘De ene voet  voor de andere’] (1998)